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Our family farm has been in operation in northeast Nebraska since 1902. As with any family business, there have been ups and downs, changes and calamities…but when we go to bed every night we’re thankful to be in this business and way of life.
With farming in our blood, we’re passionate about both our farm and the future of agriculture in our country. Since most consumers in America are now three generations removed from the farm, we feel there is a genuine need to share our story. Not because it’s perfect, but because we’re in the best position to share it.

In addition to us, from time to time this site will feature additional ag professionals as guest bloggers to offer different perspectives and a fuller scope of agriculture besides what goes on at our farm. These posts will be noted as guests posts.

We welcome your feedback and encourage your questions. Please take a look around!

5 comments on “About This Site

  1. Rachel Fishback on said:

    I’d love to be a guest blogger!
    My old Blog www.fishbackfamilyfarms.blogspot.com

    New Blog www.fishbackfamilyfarms.wordpress.com

    Working on redesigning, so if its looking a little wierd, you’ll know why.

  2. You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  3. Andrew Lingenfelter on said:

    Lobergs & All,

    I really enjoy your blog. Growing up on a farm near Plainview, I never really appreciated the farming lifestyle as I do now. The lessons learned and skills tought have served me well on my journey serving our country. I am currently in the military as a test engineer and serving at Eglin AFB in Florida. The disconnect between the “average” American citizen and production agriculture is very real. The gap seems to be widening even with groups such as FFA and 4H attempting to educate people. Your blog attempts to bridge that gap and is doing a great job!

    Contact me if you ever want a brief post of the disconnects and types of issues I have witnessed.

    Keep it up,

    Andrew J. Lingenfelter

    P.S. Have a bountiful and safe harvest!

  4. Bobbi Lorenz on said:

    Just found your blog. AWESOME!! I borrowed your YouTube (God Made a Farmer)to share on my own blog. This year more than any Paul Harvey’s words are needed and felt those words need to be shared. We are in central Nebraska have have only been able to accomplish 2 things this summer…. irrigate the corn and haul water to the cows… Fall is here and we are in the middle of weaning calves and praying for an early harvest (looks like dry corn will be going my mid Sept) so that we can move cows from our pastures to the cornfields to “spare” a little grass for next year. Look forward to visiting your blog in the future.

  5. Dave G on said:

    What a great site! I found it via friend on FB. As a Nebraskan, a UN-L ag alumni, and currently an ex-pat living in Seoul, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your blogs. Keep up the good work, you’re telling an important story in a great way. All the best!

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