The Technology Double Standard

Yesterday I was reading an article about new technology that would allow us to print meat. Print. Meat. A company named Modern Meadow was given $350,000 to develop an edible prototype of a meat replacement. Their short-term goal is creating a small piece of synthetic meat less than one inch long. You have to read the article to believe it. Their main purpose in creating synthetic meat is to create what they imagine as a more compassionate and sustainable food system surrounding meat.

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of 3D printing. They’re using it to develop a number of synthetic materials and to solve a multitude of problems, specifically in the health field relating to medical implants. There is a lot of people who are extremely supportive and enthusiastic about the prospects of 3D printing.

Then I have heard the ongoing complaints and praises for the new iPhone. People I know stood in line for the new model, then proceeded to point out all of its flaws. Nevertheless. when I asked why they don’t switch to Android (like me), they claim that they would never betray their beloved Apple products.

Then, finally, yesterday I was forwarded this article about vertical fields; growing crops on the sides of skyscrapers using a mechanical track bringing harvest-ready plants to the bottom of the building. Now, I’m going to be the first to admit- this is a sweet idea. you go, environmental activists! But when I think of our 3000+ acres alone, and how we are such an extremely small percentage of the nation’s growers, I simply cannot see the sides of a few buildings in Chicago as a sustainable option. But I still like it.

Now, here is the point I originally wanted to write about. WHY do all of these ideas get wild praise, with all of their flaws, and proven technology like genetically modified seed is portrayed as the work of the devil? GM crops allow farmers reduce chemical spraying or to use less harmful chemicals. The crops also have lower production costs and higher output, benefits that generally outweigh the higher costs of the engineered seeds.

This is a sincere question: if you don’t have an opinion pass this on to your friend- you know, that one who has an opinion on anything. I’d especially love it if you forwarded this to your friend who hates modern agriculture. I sincerely, genuinely, passionately need to know why improved technology is wonderful, excluding innovation in agriculture. There is a double standard, and I can’t wrap my head around it.

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  1. KCooper on said:

    Hi Megan,

    Print. Meat. God bless the idiots, who think, lean finely textured ground beef should be called pink slime, but that printed meat could be called steak.

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