Super Bowl Surprise

I’m feeling pretty sheepish right now- I took a new job and haven’t been able to write as much and keep up with agricultural news. I checked my phone tonight and saw that I had over 20 emails. They keep rolling in- every one is searching for Paul Harvey’s “So God Made a Farmer” audio. Last June, I made this video to share some picture of our farm, and because I loved Harvey’s radio broadcast. Tonight during the Super Bowl, Dodge had a commercial that also shared his words, and America seems to love it, according to my YouTube views and comments. There are numerous other videos with Harvey’s audio and related to farming- so cool!

Bravo to Dodge for drawing attention to something that affects all Americans. Agriculture feeds America, provides jobs to America, and supports America’s economy. This is a great opportunity to create open dialogue- seek information about how your food is raised. And seek the truth, not sensationalized mass media! Either way the game turns out, it’s a win for me if people look for information regarding farming and ranching!


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