Nancy Kerrigan, Bt Corn, and Dry Sarcasm

MSN recently published an article listing the “14 Foods You Should Never Eat“. In it, they call out bread, beef, non-organic produce, and McDonald’s. Also, they present the same information we’ve heard sensationalized in anti-ag media for years and act as though they’ve found ground breaking news.

First of all, shame on MSN for taking an easy story from Rodale (an online health website that has a history of anti-agricultural stances) and present it as fact. What trash. The fact is, people are going to find some sort of fault in all foods. Food is fuel. Now we look at food and ask, “how can we eat as little as possible with the least amount of fat, bacteria, dirt, hormones, etc” – things that occur naturally!

Here’s a rundown of MSN’s bogus claims.

“Don’t eat McDonald’s” because it’s raised on factory farms…. this is what I think of when I hear that:

“Whhhhyyy!!??? Whhhhyyyy!!??” Anyone who keeps up with the claim of factory farms in America is embarrassing. Farmers are people, not evil little creatures who only care about profit. Just because agriculture is modern and streamlined, doesn’t mean we took the humanity out of it. Read this post to explain the factory farming myth.

“Don’t Eat Industrialized Beef” because it’s full of hormones. Hey, guess what, so are you! I am around high-school students all day, please don’t question my expertise on the matter. Hormones occur naturally, and the ones used in beef production have been tested continuously to assure safety. Read here about that; and before you say my source is biased, research the Food Dialogues, it might be the most open conversation between American eaters and growers. My favorite part of that section from MSN though, was reading that cattle are raised in “filthy conditions”. Hilarious. I picture the dairy heifers on our farm walking around in large diapers with holes for their tails.

And another, which is not the least or the last, “Don’t Eat Corn” because it kills bees and corn is “little pesticide factories with roots”, referring to Bt corn. The Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) proteins found in some corn hybrids produce a natural insecticide. In turn, pest challenges are reduced, pesticide use is reduced, and a healthy and safe product is grown. Read more about how this all works. So basically, we’re damned if we use too many insecticides and herbicides, and we’re damned if we discover and utilize ways to reduce chemical use. It’s just not a realistic outlook on farming.

While this article is great in theory (I’m all for researching food sources), it completely fails at providing realistic and helpful information to the reader.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Try not to eat any non-organic strawberries. Because they are filled with poison implanted by the American farmer and paid for by Monsanto. Just kidding.

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3 comments on “Nancy Kerrigan, Bt Corn, and Dry Sarcasm

  1. Jamie Rhoades on said:

    Love this :)

  2. Rodale is one of the first organic farming “non-profits” in the U.S. Their whole agenda is anti-conventional agriculture…its just sad MSN would promote such crap from an obviously biased source.

  3. KCooper on said:

    Well said.
    Love that last line – our theory is people bash Monsanto, because it’s a name they can easily remember, and it’s easy to spell. Now if it was Boehringer-Ingleheim that they had to use all the time, they might slow down their bashing activities a little :)

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