Smile for the Drone

If you’re looking to make a buck on an oddball idea (and let’s face it, we all are) it sounds like you should start creating a fleet of drones for PETA. The group says that they are going to start flying cameras over places where “animals routinely suffer and die”, according to a press release by PETA. First and foremost, I hope they’ll address the highway from Wayne to Fremont because I personally know the roadkill rate there is alarming.

In all seriousness, their goal seems to be focused on hunters, but also includes the dreaded “factory farm“. In fact the press release was actually titled “PETA to Acquire Drones to Stalk Hunters”. The first sentence stated that the organization ”will soon have some impressive new weapons at its disposal to combat those who gun down deer and doves.” It’s a highly entertaining read. Now, I can definitely get on board with more closely watching for things like poaching, drinking while in the possession of firearms, and leaving wounded animals to die. Few can argue that the less those things occur, the better.  I’m not sure how the drones wouldn’t continue to get shot down left and right, though.

Flying over farms, expecting to find abuse, is a different story. The reason why I’m not really up in arms about this is because the chances of a drone flying over Carroll, NE and creating news is pretty slim. In fact, maybe we could pay for the footage so that people off the farm could see a typical day. There certainly wouldn’t be any animals routinely suffering and dying. The viewer would probably be quite uninterested actually- entering into planting, soon our equipment will be traveling back and forth from 7-10 all day. Where there are animals being raised for food, there will be organizations who apply their own spin on what they see to make people believe responsible production is inhumane. So drone on, my PETA amigos. And if you see a CineStar Octocopter overheard, smile and wave!


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