God Made a Farmer

My great high school friend Cory’s mom shared this video a few days ago; many of you have heard the speech by Paul Harvey called “So God Made a Farmer”. I had previously made my own video using pictures from our family farm and Mr. Harvey’s original recording, but I love Deb’s version! It’s a familiar voice for me, as she is someone I have known throughout my life, and is a perfect example of someone who holds and shows the values and strength from her country roots. She lost her father too early as well, and my friend didn’t have enough time with his Grandpa. From what he has told me, he was passionate about agriculture and loved Nebraska just like my Dad, and just as I think of my Dad when I watch this video, I am sure that they think of their “everyday hero” as well.


Cassie, Cory, and Deb- cute huh?

This is how I want people to understand farmers. They are strong yet compassionate, they can work 80+ hour weeks and still hold their passion, and they will drop what they’re doing to help their community or a neighbor.  These are all reasons why I love the community I grew up in and am thankful for the people in my life who spend their time providing for a global population.

Check out Deb’s video:


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One comment on “God Made a Farmer

  1. Ron Scheer on said:

    Nicely done. Grew up long ago on a family farm in Merrick County, when farming was pretty primitive compared to what’s in your video.

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