In Memory

This site is dedicated in the memory of Dan Loberg, who passed away on October 27th, 2010 after a courageous battle with multiple myeloma. A humble man with an incredible work ethic, Dan’s passion for the land never wavered, and he was a farmer until his last day here on earth.

Like almost all farmers in the U.S., farming was not just Dan’s job, it was a lifestyle.  While the work was challenging,  he was always proud to say that he was a farmer.

We hope that Dan would be happy to have a site such as this to help bridge the gap of information that exits between agricultural producers and consumers.

4 comments on “In Memory

  1. Ed Newell on said:

    i like this kind of infomation

  2. Megan Mueller Cuéllar on said:

    This is an absolutely beautiful and touching tribute. We wish your family the absolute best! Megan.

  3. Ruth on said:

    This is such a beautiful tribute. Especially like the “See my father in me” song. I miss Dan a lot, the last time I made “Mom’s” banana cake was for him and when I brought it to the reunion this weekend, I wish he could have been there eating a slice of it. How lucky and blessed I am to have such wonderful memories of my brother and parents and to have an awesome family to still cherish and enjoy!

  4. Melanie Hartung on said:

    Awesome video! Very touching!

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